Enjoy creating a beginner’s mind. Let yourself be delighted and surprised by your body. Learn to love yourself just the way you are. Open your mind and heart to gratitude for the precious gift of life that each breath reconfirms. From this place of gratitude allow the challenges of weakness, tightness, and resistance to become your best teachers. Turn your mind/body connection upside down and reverse the pull of the years.

Yoga includes a variety of centuries-old techniques developed to create balance and health in body, mind, and spirit. Current western medical research has studied and evaluated the ways these ancient practices work and has confirmed what yogis have understood for years. A consistent practice can bring you greater ease of movement, a deeper sense of overall well-being, and increased satisfaction with life.

At Plaza Wellspring, these ancient techniques are woven into our teaching style, and we can show you how to transform your mind-body relationship.  The practice of mindful movement is the key.

Through gentle attention, your body can become your teacher.  Your body’s cues are your guide to greater strength, vitality, and health.  Once you learn to “listen” to your body, you can adapt your yoga practice to suit your changing life circumstances. You learn when to practice vigorously and when to practice gently.
Building on this foundation, you can begin to explore your structural alignment. How can your work in the postures best serve the design of your body? What muscles need to relax and to open? What muscles need to be stronger? Longer? Each time you practice, you learn.

Come to Plaza Wellspring and celebrate your body, open your heart and invigorate your spirit.

Private yoga pricing:

Private: $80 / 5 Privates: $375/ 10 Privates: $700

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