What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?

Rolfing Structural Integration (SI) is a method of body work that uses hands-on techniques and movement to improve alignment and reduce tension in the body.

Our bodies are a complex web of interconnected relationships that have an optimal organization and way of moving. These relationships can become misaligned by many things, among them injuries, habits, and cultural expectations.  We experience the effects as worn out joints, aches and pains, stiffness, poor posture and fatigue.

Rolfing bodywork unravels the areas of tension that contribute to misaligned posture and movement. The Rolfer™manipulates the body’s connective tissue, working systematically through layers of tissue to release restrictions and change the way a person stands and moves on a structural level. Different regions of the body are the focus of work over a series of sessions.

People often ask if Rolfing is painful. The purpose of Rolfing is to help the body open up and move more freely. It makes no sense to work in such a way that the client tightens up and withdraws from the Rolfer’s touch. Painful work is counterproductive to Rolfing’s basic goals.

Why Experience Rolfing SI for Yourself?

The primary goal of Rolfing is to bring the body back to optimal organization in terms of both postural anatomy and functional movement. This happens as the Rolfer helps the client find greater length, space and ease in her or his body. With greater balance and ease in our movements, many aches and pains disappear. People from all walks of life can benefit from Rolfing bodywork, including office workers, athletes, and dancers.

Deb DeAngeles Certified Rolfer™

Deb has been helping people move since 1996, when she received her Associates Degree of Physical Therapy. In physical therapy, she has worked with a wide variety of people: older people who had become debilitated after a long illness; children with conditions ranging from cerebral palsy to traumatic brain injury; and people of all ages recovering from different illnesses, surgeries or accidents.

Deb believes that being human is an amazing adventure. She believes that easy, pain-free movement is possible for each of us. And she believes that Rolfing Structural Integration can be a way to find more ease in our bodies. Deb completed her certification through the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in December 2012.

Deb sees Rolfing as a partnership between herself and the client. She is committed to working with people who are invested in their own well-being.

How Can I Get Started?

For more information, or to schedule your sessions, call Deb at (913) 205-6929 or email

$100 per session


  1. Jacques "Mike" Casparian says:

    I am a long-distance runner who has had a series of rolfing sessions 2 years ago with Karla Darnstaedt. However, being a physician who commutes to Leavenworth and Topeka M-F, it is hard to schedule with her. I had a couple of Middendorf breathing sessions with Judith Mayanja, and she highly recommended you. My wife tells me that she had emailed you earlier about the interest she had regarding herself and our son having sessions with you, so it possible you may see 3 members of our family. Thanking you in anticipation!

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