Who we are

Plaza Wellspring is a group of teachers who share common beliefs about movement and mind-body work. We each have a personal story of challenges we have faced and ways in which caring for our bodies has been vital to our process, and these experiences inform our teaching. We understand that each body tells a story of its history and beliefs, and we believe that each body has the potential for health and strength.

We are in love with learning. Each day brings us a new opportunity to learn something about ourselves and each other. Each challenge, stage of life, or new student can lead us down a path of discovery. Recent brain research shows that this curiosity and excitement is one mark of a youthful brain. This excitement and enthusiasm is contagious – our students benefit from the energy and vitality of our studio environment.

The teachers at Plaza Wellspring are flexible and adaptable. We work to discover what works for each individual student. While there are over-arching principles that we trust such as the value of focused awareness, we also understand that not everyone learns in the same way or at the same pace. Imagery that is completely engaging for me may not speak to you at all. We enjoy helping our students discover what makes their own bodies sing.

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