Welcome to Plaza Wellspring. We bring compassion and joy to developing mind-body balance through movement.  Discover your strength as you build self-awareness, deepen your discipline, and open up to greater vitality and suppleness.

Why are we committed to a practice rooted in compassion?  At Plaza Wellspring, we believe compassion takes us right to our core, and from the core we begin our work.  Our bodies (and minds) often are burdened with a building of life’s stresses and strains.  It is easy to get stuck in pain, fear and self-doubt or self-criticism.  When we address our physicality with love and compassion – and perhaps some humor as well – we immediately open up to the possibility of healing in surprising ways!

Compassion brings us fully into the present experience and it is, after all, only in this present moment that we have power to choose health, happiness, strength – LIFE.

At Plaza Wellspring, our practitioners are trained to bring you the highest level of personalized instruction so your progress is safe and deep. Experience what working in a supportive environment with positive, caring teachers is like. Come in today and let us help you get started.

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