Invite Linda to your next event

Linda Putthoff will brighten up your day as she shares the impact of positivity. Positivity can reduce stress, create more joy in life, and lead to better life balance. Look on the bright side!

With over 30 years of experience of movement training, she is an expert at leading people to live more comfortably in their body through simple exercise, yoga. mindfulness.

Lunch-time Uplifts
These lunch-hour presentations are light, fun and inter-active. They provide information, inspiration, participatory exercises, and Q&A time.

  • Leaning Toward Health – explore how small steps can create significant changes
  • Posture of Strength – practice straightforward ways to improve postural alignment
  • Attitude of Gratitude – reframe daily events through a lens of appreciation
  • Interrupting the Monkey Mind – develop techniques to bring the mind into present time
  • Imagery for Relaxation – discover images that resonate with your own unique brain
  • Just Breathe – reduce stress with the simplest and most readily available tool – your breath
  • Desk-ercise – exercises to do at your desk to keep your body comfortable and your mind focused

Movement Classes

Chair Yoga  - Practice this gentle form of yoga, including breathing, stretching and strengthening exercises, while seated in a chair or standing by a chair. Perfectly suited for people who have limited ability to do more rigorous forms, chair yoga allows participants to experience the calming and centering benefits of traditional yoga.

Yoga – Learn classical yoga asana, practiced with emphasis on breath, alignment, and energy flow. Each class will end with a relaxation and meditation.

Pilates – Find your core and develop balanced and properly sequenced muscular engagement. Classical Pilates mat exercises will be modified as appropriate for the students.

Desk Exercise – Develop a toolkit of go-to exercises that are so simple you can practice them at your desk. Keep your spine awake and your joints open.

Laughter Yoga - Laughter yoga is an exercise practice that reduces stress hormones in the body, helps create a positive attitude, provides a cardiovascular workout, and brings practitioners more fully into the present moment.

Laughter Yoga at Speaking of Women’s Health Convention

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